First Stories are always the best!

“So there I was, haulin’ ass down 101 with Oly in the 48 Plymouth, when Ed came out of nowhere, lights and siren blaring…”

Welcome to Ray T. Flugger’s page of stories. We want to hear yours… Please, share a story, picture, or comment on how you and Ray shared some time together. 

Joe vonDohlen

Ray is s dear friend and boss that I have known from the early days working at Flowmaster in the barn in Kenwood to when the company was sold to join with B&M. I have missed his enthusiastic leadership charm for a long time. This has been a missing presence at work since he retired. To Winnie, Larinda, Jackie, and JC, please let me know if there is anything I can do. Miss you all.

Honoring the founder of Flowmaster

“As the caretakers of the Flowmaster legacy we would like to offer our condolences.  Ray had a great impact on the racing world and the entire automotive aftermarket industry. We greatly appreciate what he did and he will be sadly missed.

Sincerely, the Holley/B&M/Flowmaster group”