First Stories are always the best!

“So there I was, haulin’ ass down 101 with Oly in the 48 Plymouth, when Ed came out of nowhere, lights and siren blaring…”

Welcome to Ray T. Flugger’s page of stories. We want to hear yours… Please, share a story, picture, or comment on how you and Ray shared some time together. 

7 Replies to “First Stories are always the best!”

  1. Ray had a habit of calling in on the tech line just to see how we were answering phone calls.
    I answered the phone one morning “thanx for calling Flowmaster, how may I help you?”
    It was Ray—“Hi Phil just wanted to call and tell you there’s a Cougar on my driveway”
    “Did you buy a Cougar” I replied
    “No Phil I mean a 4-legged one!”
    “Ah you’re in Idaho at your house”I replied
    “Yes I am and he doesn’t look real happy”
    Well I said “he may be upset as you now occupy his former hunting grounds”
    “You could be right” he said
    “Well I just wanted to call and tell you—
    have great day Phil”
    “Thanx Ray—I appreciate you calling—-that’s amazing—call anytime my friend”
    That was Ray—-just a great guy ! 👍

  2. While I wasn’t there, I loved the story of Ray at SEMA in Vegas when he displayed his newly-built 63 Comet convertible—-thanx Kevin—-and the president of Ford tried to buy it on the spot but Ray wouldn’t sell it after the man handed Ray his checkbook and Cartier pen to name his price, Ray politely handed it back.
    That was Ray—-Rest in Peace my friend😔

    1. Yes, that was Dad, for sure! And he was very proud of his Comet, talked about the paint job and the entire building process many times! Thank you for sharing that story!

  3. One of the early Flowmaster Christmas parties was at my home. About midnight Ray and I ended up on the golf course with a bottle of champagne, golf clubs, teeing off in the dark. Fun times.

  4. I worked for Ray at Flowmaster for 23 years. He is the most careing, giving, loving man I have ever met. I will always remember our time together. May the be flow be with you. R.I.P. My friend.

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